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Welcome to our New Catechumens

Angelo Salinas                  John Ryan Alaniz

Roman Castillo                 Vivian Hernandez

Janeth Malaquias             Josie Marie Zapata Calderon

Jose Javier Castillo III     Dessiny Monique Castillo

Edgar Jesus Zuniga          Holly Harmony Coody

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How did you feel when you received your sacraments?


"It's an unexplainable feeling.  You feel like the Holy Spirit enter's you.  It's like a much lighter feeling on you.  You get energetic and happy.  That's how I felt and you get this feeling that you are much closer to God. "

- Frances Mata

If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming Catholic Christian please contact:

Melissa Mendoza, CRE at 

St. Francis Xavier parish office


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