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Blanca Chavez

CII-Adults Janie Villarreal

 Janie Villarreal

Sylvia Villarreal
Catechis Aide

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Juan Paz


Upcoming Events

Parent Meeting for First Communion
(Make up session)

  March 9, 9 am- 3 pm

First Communion Retreat
  April 27, 9 am- 1 pm

Celebrate First Communion for Children prepared and determined to be ready
May 11  at 5:30 pm
(Arrive by 5:00 pm to prepare for Mass)
*Will be required to attend First Confession at 10:30 am
(Must arrive by 10:00 am to prepare for Confession)

Dress Attire
Boys: White button up shirt, black slacks, dress shoes.

Girls:  White dress (modest), dress shoes
Holy water bottle filled with water
First communion kit: usually contains a Mass book, rosary, brown scapular


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