As of now, please know the dispensation remains in effect for all parishoners.

All who are age ___and up and who have any underlying health conditions are encourage to practice stay at home 

In addition, those who do not feel safe are also encouraged to practice the stay at home.

Anyone exhibiting the following symptoms

: List symptoms, should also practice stay at home

Those who will attending will be required to wear mask, disinfect, etc. 

Please check back here for updates on when we will begin celebrating Mass.

Thinks to keep in mind:

  1. Tomorrow is Holy Saturday and not the day of Glory

  2. The community is invited to unite with  Father Franco at 6:30 pm by meditating on the Passion of the Lord, as he celebrates the service.

  3. Here are some videos that you are invited to watch to help you meditate on the Lord

Ways you can delve deeper into the mystery of the Paschal Triduum:

  1. Partake of the Mass with devotion(dress like if you were at Mass, sit, stand and kneel the way you would at Mass and most importantly listen)

  2. Meditate on the readings for the day

  3. Pray the rosary

  4. Study the Catechism of the Catholic Church

  5. Study the life of a Saint

  6. Get to know yourselves and your family

  7. Pray for one another, for the world, and especially for the doctors and nurses.

St. Francis Xavier Parish

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