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Kindly call ahead to make an appointment for any consultations, confession or visits with Father Franco, this will assist us to better ensure we are complying with the capacity regulations. 

Our office hours are Mon-Fri, from 8:00 to 1:00 and 2:00 to 5:00 pm.  For your own personal safety, we encourage the continuation of utilizing the phone, email or mail to take care of business.  If there are things you need to take care of at the office, call when you arrive at the gate so that the gate can be opened for you. 

Everyone entering the building is required to wear a face mask & will go through the same safety protocol we do for Mass:  take temperature, give handsanitizer, mist with disinfectant both front & back sides.  Thank you for your cooperation with these precautionary safety measures.

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October is the month of 

the Holy Rosary

Things you can do:

  • Pray with your family  or friends

  • Teach someone how to pray the rosary

  • Teach or learn how to make a rosary

"The rosary is the weapon for these times".

-Padre Pio  

Let us unite in prayer during this difficult time to intercede for one another and the whole world.

As All Hallow's Eve Approaches

Let us recall the invitation we are invited to contemplate.

All Hallow's Eve is the day before All Saints Day.  As Catholic Christians we are invited to remember that our goal in life is to know God, love God and to serve God.  We are invited to live our life in a way that is pleasing to God so that one day we can be with him in Paradise.  

Let us cease the opportunity to contemplate our own lives and avoid getting caught up in the worldly ways these feast days.



Invites us to contemplate the Saints and to learn more about them.  They were human just like you and me, except- they learned how to cooperate with God's grace and to do what is pleasing to God. 

Upon dying they went through the following 3 steps to be to be canonized as Saints.  

1) Venerable- recognized by the Pope to live a life of Heroically Virtuous life or offered their life.

2) Blessed-One miracle must be acquired through the candidate's intercession in  addition to recognition of heroic virtue or offering of life.

3) Canonization-A second miracle is required after Beatification.  The Pope may waive these requirements.  A miracle is not required prior to a martyr's beatification, but one is required before canonization.

A Saint is someone who has been formally canonized by the Catholic Church as sharing eternal life with God and therefore offered for public veneration and imitation.


Read about the life of the Saints

 Watch a movie about the life of the Saints 

Dress up as your favorite Saint and have family members guess which Saint you are



Often times, we fall short in living as children of God and so we are also invited to remember all the faithfully departed and to pray for them.  We recognize God's love and mercy in allowing them to go to purgatory for not loving as they should.  

We contemplate our own lives, seeing the error of our ways, the times we didn't love the way God invited us to love.  We are invited to repent and turn back to God.  We practice loving our dearly departed by praying for them and offering other acts in reparation for their sins.  Recalling to mind that they can no longer do good for themselves and can only pray for us.


Prayers for Souls in Purgatory

Pray for the Deceased







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