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In the heart of the Brownsville Diocese is the Catholic parish of St. Francis Xavier.  We the community of St. Francis Xavier come from varied cultures and speak different languages.  We are youth, young couples, elderly, children and people of all ages.  We strive to be good stewards of this heartland of the valley.

     We minister to God's people through many varied Apostolates.  We have many opportunities to grow spiritually and yet many of us are not fully alive in Christ.  We wish to know, love and live the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are united by a greater acceptance of individuals while recognizing our many differences.

     Our mission is to be the heart of Christ to others.  We want to be a people with  loving and compassionate hearts by fostering justice and  love so that everyone will have and develop a greater realization of their own personal value, dignity and worth.  We are called to be servants with hearts which accept each person as they are and by ministering to them in their needs.  We also recognize that there are people with hearts that are hurt and wounded which need to be touched and healed.

     We are called to be unselfish by sharing our life in Christ with others.  We work within our parish groups and ministries while seeking better ways to carry out our mission.  We are called to be life-giving with hearts that foster new life in the name of Jesus Christ.

     With daring hearts we meet the challenge to grow, to be generous and to continue reaching out in the spirit of a community which is known as the parish with a big, loving heart.


The first St. Francis Xavier church was built in 1912 and dedicated by Rev. Claudio Jaullet, administrator of the Vicarate Apostolic of Brownsville, sede vacante on Apri 9, 1912.  

In 1928, a parish was established by the Bishop of Corpus Christi, and the Fev. Father J. S. Schmidner was appointed as the first pastor.

The parish was a modest frame building that contained a chapel for people to gather and worship the Lord.  In July 1929, the entire parish and records archived there were destroyed in a fire.

In 1930 the second St. Francis Xavier parish was built under the direction of Father Schmidtner.  The building contained a chapel for worship and a rectory.

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