I am the vine and you are the branch.

Who ever remains in me and

I in him will bear much fruit,

because without me you can do nothing. -John 15:5

Thank you Catechists for your service in the vineyard of the Lord.

Karina Lopez-Kinder
Cristina Leal-1st grade
1st grade
Gracie Garcia-1st grade
1st grade
Leo Johnson-6th
6th grade
Lizzy Ortiz Mendez-7th
7th grade
Juan Paz
8th grade,
Parent meeting facilitator
Sue Ann Gonzalez-Conf II
Confirmation II
Parent meeting facilitator
Oscar Gonzalez-TOB
Theology of the Body (TOB), Substitute
Janie Villarreal-First Communion
First Reconciliation, First Communion, First Communion (teens), Christian Initiation Adults, Parent meeting facilitator
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Margarita Ayala
Adult Faith Formation (Spanish)
Graciela Perez "Chely"
Adult Faith Formation (Spanish)
Sylvia Villarreal
1st grade teacher aide
Ann Marie Lopez
Christian Initiation-Adults (Inquirers)
Griselda Iglesias
Domestic Church
Alma Martinez-Botello
6th grade
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India Fuentes-2nd
Second Grade
Nelda Elizalde
Oscar Elizalde
Second grade teacher aide
Javier Mata-8th
8th grade, First Communion (children), Adult Faith Formation
Elisa Basaldua-Conf I
Confirmation I
Daniel Cantu
Confirmation I
Blanca Chavez-First Communion
First Reconciliation, First Communion, Parent Meeting Facilitator, Substitute
Yolanda Montelongo-First Communion
First Communion
Virginia De La Cruz
Christian Initiation-Inquirers (Children)
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Angela Jones
Christian Initiation, Inquirer-Adults
Frances Mata
3rd grade-teacher aide
Bertha "Betty" Ayala
8th grade (Spanish)
Rose Hernandez
Sandra Vento
Adriana Reyes
Office helper
Hall monitor
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Anita Puente-3rd
Omar Duran-4th grade
Fourth grade
Batti Villarreal
5th Grade
Ivan Trevino
Confirmation I
Isabel Trevino
Confirmation II
Andy Torres-Conf II
Confirmation II
Parent meeting facilitator
Ivette Mercado Dones
Christian Initiation Inquirers (Teens)
Parent meeting facilitator
Teresa McMillian
Christian Initiation (Catechumens/ Elect)
Maggie Garza-Mystagogy
Christian Initiation (Mystagogy)
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CCE Classes

are cancelled until further notice due to


Thank you and Congratulations

to Maggie Garza &

Virginia De La Cruz for

28 years of service

as a Catechist.

2019-2020 Catechists